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Once Upon A Dream Creator H.H. Reviglio:
Gatekeeper for the Wisdomain

Once Upon A Dream evolved from the mind of Holly Hartzell-Reviglio; artist, designer, sculptor, application developer, storyteller, game designer, mom, wife and lifelong dreamer. 

Holly’s first sculpting class in 2007 sprung from an abiding love of crafts and artistry instilled by a lifelong desire to create… and as fortune would have it; after waiting a year to take a private class in an out of the way little town in Nevada, Holly secured a spot in the front row of the class to learn the basics of sculpting and design.

The instructor for that class was Wendy Froud.

Yes.  THAT Wendy Froud. Together with her husband Brian, they inspired the creations of the characters behind Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, starring Jennifer Connelly and the David Bowie—and are the world’s preeminent authorities on all things Faery.

The spark that was lit then burned bright and deep immediately. Holly began sculpting whenever she could, entering new realms of the mind during the scant in-between moments while running a app development company with her husband Nick ( and bringing two wonderful sons into this realm.

An Aside From H.H. Reviglio

Because you need to hear this straight from me—Brian and Wendy Froud are both creative sirens for my work and a vital part of the initial engine that sparked this entire career evolution of mine.  As fortune would have it, now a decade removed from that fateful first class in Nevada? They are now friends of the family.  

We see them almost every summer when we jaunt across the pond (where I conceived and sculpted many of the original works seen on my site), and I am intensely protective of my relationship with them.

There are inevitable comparisons to be made due to their influence on me and my work; however, those who know Mystics and Gelflings and Faeries recognize immediately that Keepers and Guardians and Wise Ones are distant cousins from different realms.

I was let down gently once by a gallery exposition because my work was described as “too Froudian.”  It was one of the greatest compliments ever! 

However I do hope with the creative initiative and stories shared with my one-of-a-kind works, that you see my realms and creatures for what they are—an expanded part of the magical, mystical netherworld that exists at the far reaches of my own imagination.


Influences and Coursework:

Clearly Brian and Wendy have been tremendous influences on my alter-ego.  And that influence has led me to study under other remarkable artists and makers as well.

Wendy Froud - 3 sculpting classes, 1 puppet making class.
Wendy worked on the Muppet show for years with Jim Henson, and along with Brian, is a consultant on the new Prequel to the Dark Crystal being produced by Netflix.  My husband Nick and I worked with her to develop two apps as well (link to them here?)

Toby Froud - 2 sculpting classes, 1 puppet making class.
With Toby, it’s clear the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. He has worked at Laika and is now contributing to the new Prequel to the Dark Crystal as well, all while working as an actor and creature designer.

EJ Taylor - 1 class.
A rare opportunity to take a class from this master dollmaker. EJ is the author of the Ivory Cottage series and developer of the core curriculum for the Foundations Course in dollmaking at the NIADA (National Institute of American Doll Artists). I guess EJ saw something in my work- he tried getting me a job in SF working on the windows at Tiffanys a few years ago when we lived in Reno!

Virginie Ropars - 1 class.
Truth be told, I think I might have been one of the lucky few in the only class this remarkable European artist and dimensional sculptor has given in the United States.

Tom Kuebler - 1 class.
Again, I have been very lucky to have been in the first and one of only two classes given by him. Tom is well known for his silicone sculptures with one of his biggest patrons being film director Guilllermo del Toro. His hyperrealistic style has inspired me to continue working toward the most realistic fantasy art dolls that I can create.

Karen Baker - 1 class (online).
Even on-line, I had to jump at the chance to take a class from this remarkable dollmaker and artist in July of 2018.  I admire her work greatly—not so much as an influence, but as an inspiration that there’s a place out there for MY realm as well.



I hope my stories of one-of-a-kind creations and constant evolution of our realms enlighten & teach, illuminate & instruct, and if I'm lucky? Even amaze you every now and again. 



"I'm not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours." ~ Lewis Carroll


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