• All Hallow's Eve

    Dark tales come to life with stories rich in folklore and tales of old. Characters have a unique backstory to engage your imagination into believing and wishing they were real. Artist H. H. Reviglio captures the essence of magic that we remember as children and shares that gift through each creation.
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  • Collect Unique & Original Models / Artdolls

    Keepers, guardians, wizards, hobs, elf-kind and all manner of original creations await you—including one-of-a-kind Christmas and All Hallows’ Eve collections. A wholly original new vision of the faery and fantasy realm.
  • Where Fantasy Inspires

    Original fantasy creations inspired by legends from British lore. Her original Keeper Series creates a world of wise, timeless relatives to hobs, faeries, elves and more-- with stories as ancient as time itself.
  • Artist & Sculptor H.H. Reviglio

    Once Upon A Dream is the alternate universe for Holly Hartzell-Reviglio: designer, sculptor, app developer, storyteller, game designer, wife, mother & lifelong dreamer—inspired by her love of Tolkien, Barrie, Lewis, Rackham, Rowling and inimitable fantasy creators from “across the pond”, the Froud’s.