Fyerbicken - Keeper of the Lighted Torch

Beacons have been around for centuries as a means of alerting others across long distances for various reasons. Dartmoor still has a few of these ancient markers left and Fyerbicken is their Keeper. He continues to keep guard and watch over the handful that are atop of the tors. 

A Keeper is the Genius Loci of a specific ancient place, and in this instance, locations on Dartmoor in Devonshire. It is the spirit of the land and is a sentinel that protects the sacred nature of the site. One can think of them as essentially caretakers that still live among us, but are in spirit form. They are truly enchanted nature spirits like faeries, elves, and gnomes, and are magical in every sense of the word. 

Medium(s): Polymer clay, posable armature wire, glass, foil, cloth, leather, wood, moss, paint, yak hair, metal, twine

Size: 11” x 9” x 9.5”

Weight: Approximately 3 lbs

2019 Exhibition Dates

"The Realm of Fairy is a strange shadow land, lying just beyond the fields we know."

~ Author Unknown

Model / Artdoll Details

“Are you sure that we are awake? It seems to me, that yet we sleep, we dream.” 

~ William Shakespeare

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