• The Dark Crystal and finding balance on a Saturday

May 19, 2018

May 19, 2018:  On The Dark Crystal and Finding Balance on a Saturday

It’s a Saturday.  I’ve got all these ideas in my head and soon, in hand, in the form of models - “artdolls”, to lay the groundwork for a series of creations who will eventually become the “Keepers” series within my realm. 

I need ten more entries to address finding the balance.  But the creatures I have in mind are only PART of the balance. See if you can figure out what I mean by that … from this blog entry.

So much to do. So little time. And everything a priority!

Ugh! It has been one of those weeks where I have struggled to find time for EVERYTHING that is important and needs tending to. It was difficult to say the least. I was so backed up with work that I listened the Royal wedding on my propped up iPhone while I worked on the company books and had my boys into the make-it-stuff with Lego’s strewn about at my feet.

That is what you do on a Saturday so that you can all be “together” and try and get stuff done.

Finding the balance is always difficult for me. It will be a never-ending struggle. I have a hard time sacrificing something daily. Something that I can just say “forget it” to and not ever do it. Yeah, right. That will never happen. I’m not trying to be negative. That is just my personality. I need to complete it all—as it all is important.

My balance for today will be completed shortly. My house has been cleaned up. People have been fed for the day, multiple times. The kiddos bedrooms are somewhat passable for being tidy enough, at least for today. The company books are caught up. I cleaned up my studio and I have a complete plan in place for having 10 models finished by mid October!

Onto the fun stuff. The models! As long as my idea comes full circle I think you all will love the end products. All of the models will be complete on a base and will all tie together in ways inspired by legendary places we’re going to see in person!

So far, I have been told they are reminiscent of The Dark Crystal—that legendary realm of creative inspiration brought to life by Jim Henson, and based on the landmark creations of Brian and Wendy Froud.

That keeps coming up time and time again. I am completely flattered by that, but there was no intention for that to happen. I have worked diligently to come up with my own style, as I know too many people that steal styles from other artists to piggyback off of something that worked, or became popular hoping they can gain fame or wealth too.  Yes, my mentor was Wendy Froud. Wendy is a great friend and amazing mentor and has taught me so much more than just sculpting. She has such a kind and caring heart and is the fairiest of fairy godmothers you could ever want to have as a mentor and a friend. I am intensely protective of our across-the-pond friendship and would never think of infringing upon her or Brian's artwork or legacy. Friendship always comes first.

As for the comparison to The Dark Crystal's "Mystics", I feel like a child of a rockstar. While I'm not related to Wendy, I feel like once you have been taught by someone like her, it is a huge challenge to find yourself and style outside of what you have been taught. Creating creatures from the faery realm is so much a part of Wendy and Brian and of course that is what they teach. Do I sculpt creatures? Yes. But, I hope that I have distinguished my own style and it can be seen clearly in comparison to anything Froud.  While I’m very aware of the movie and the new Dark Crystal series to be released in 2019 on Netflix and upon reviewing the Mystics and Gelflings in more first-person detail than most could every dream of… I see a difference. 

I do feel my worlds and creations are quite different from theirs—though as we all know—the fantasy realms all connect somewhere. From size, physical stance, facial features and overall creature, mine are different from theirs. However, I do see where they could definitely live in different countries within the same world.   I love that aspect of it and I’m fine with that. Just as long as they are different and unique in their own right and not mirroring anything Froudian, Froud created or identical to something within the movie The Dark Crystal.  

Though at the end of the day?  I am flattered and completely humbled by the mistaken comparisons.

So when it comes to balance—there’s the world we all live in that creates its own taxing daily demand, and the world of imagination where we obsess over whether or not our own original work is, in fact, original at all

What do you think?   Feel free to message me  and let me know your opinion and thoughts on this. It would be greatly appreciated. 

Happy Saturday!

- H.H.R.

PS - After seeing Wendy and Brian in August I showed them all of my models for their approval in moving forward. All I can tell you is that when I showed these to Wendy (terrified and excited at the same time), she immediately said,

"These are not Mystics. Do they have four arms? Do they have a tail?" The most her and Brian could say was that there is a hint of Froudian coming through, but what do expect as you were taught by Wendy. 

So there you have it. I confirmed movement forward and made sure my mentor approved. All I can do now is try my hardest to make her proud of where I take this. 

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