Witch Hazel

As the keeper of the sacred Hazel tree, Witch Hazel takes great pride in foraging for herbs from her forest along with the nuts from the hazel tree grove she serves and protects. She is guardian of the Hazel tree, better known in the Norse world as the Tree of Knowledge and Wisdom. Hazel is part of a group of tree witches that govern over the enchanted trees of the world.

Hazel, like the tree, is considered to be good luck. Those who use her tree's branches for dowsing or divining are sure to find water. Lovers who use the hazelnuts from her forest, for roasting on All Hallow's Eve or Nutcrack Night, are sure to find love. It is said that those who collect its branches and nuts and burn them after the sun sets on Samhain will reap it most magical power of the year. Hazel's grove lies on a leyline that borders the fae realm.

If you are the lucky owner of Hazel she will bring you good tidings and happiness for years to come. Her warm energy and loving soul is a great addition to any home.

Medium(s): Polymer clay, armature wire, fiberfil, glass, foil, cloth, leather, wood, twine, paint, mohair, metal, stone, faux flowers, and dried flowers.

Hazel is a handmade, one-of-a-kind (OOAK) creation. She is made of armature wire and her arms can be moved gently into other positions. Always bend her arms at the joint and never while holding her hands directly. She is made of a blend of polymer clays and while more durable than porcelain, she is still fragile and can break.   
Size: 6.5” x 4.5" x 10.5"

Weight: Approximately 1 lb

The hazel tree represents a time of new beginnings and manifestation; especially pertaining to something we have been dreaming of. Regardless of how we pursue our dreams the hazel reminds us to retain our sweetness and childlike sense of wonder. 

The Tree Spirit Wisdom

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