Friday and Saturday Night Workshops

Friday and Saturday night workshops are a fantastic way to introduce your child to the creativity that they hold in their hands. No two workshops are the same. A different hands-on activity is provided that will help your child engage in learning, understanding new concepts, jajakjdfkdjjadkljf

This workshop allows, you as the parent, to enjoy a night off while I share with your child a new art project. Drop off time is 5pm and pick up is promptly at 10pm. During the five hours your child will spend with me, in my open studio area of my fully finished basement

5:00-6:00 pm - 
6:00-6:30 pm - Dinner. Students will have time to enjoy their pre-packed drinks and dinner. 
6:30-8:00 pm - 
8:00-8:15 pm - Break time. Feel free to play foosball, jump on our net enclosed indoor trampoline, play pool, play with the costume chest or continue to work on your art work.

8:15-9:15 pm - Finish up your art project.
9:15-10:00 pm - Open studio time. Kiddos can continue working on their art project, create whatever they want at our open studio table, separate from the project table we have been working at, with countless crazy art supplies and hot glue 
guns. They can play foosball, pool, play with our costume chests, play with countless board games or just sit and chill. We focus on interactive, communication based and imaginative time together. Cell phone, iPads and tablets are left at the door so that kiddos can experience true time together and can get a full 5 hours of quality time with myself and other children and away from the blue light of our screens that dominates so much of their lives these days. I offer old school quality art and creative time with a small amount of kids to help them use their imagination and creativity and to spark new interests outside of the digital games and texting world. 


I have a strong passion to share my knowledge and experience in creating with kids. I was a third and fourth grade teacher and also taught at the Art Institute in Las Vegas, NV. After having my own kids and spending countless hours working with them on loads of creative crafts, projects and costumes, I found that many of our kiddos today are not fully able to escape the digital realm and tap into their own imagination and creativity. I truly believe that exercising that right brain creative side not only helps them explore, engage and have fun, but helps them as young people and into adulthood with the ability to think outside of the box and increase their commonsense thinking process for those moments when the obvious answer is not available to us. Many adults were taught how to do that and the newer generations are using Siri and Alexa to think for them. I want to empower your kiddos into relying on themselves for the answers first before running to ask the computer. All kids have that ability and by using art  to help them explore unknown ways to use items that they have in their own house to purchasing items for special projects, it will open doors to their minds so much faster than asking a computer. Outside of the box thinking is a very import life skill and one that I want to make sure I help kiddos with.

My projects are not just about using recycled items to make a silly, cheap art craft for the night. My projects are thought through thoroughly and keeping in mind the limited time we have, making sure to take in each child's attention span, the fact that we have to eat, have some break times, and that it is a night class, kids will get tired. I am flexible and will work with each student as much or as little as they want, while not doing the project for them. Every piece of art your child makes is beautiful. It is an extension of them and one that represents their own unique creative mind. I am here to help them explore that, not dictate how a project should look or to jump in and fix the project to make it look like mine. That defeats the purpose. 

I am also very aware of copyright infringement. That is why I cannot specifically state some of the names or genre's of my projects, but the pictures will allow you to see the direction your child will be shown on the night or the week they choose to come to one of my classes. 








We will have lemon water available as well as unlimited popcorn throughout the night.

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