Summer Camp Workshops - Learning the basics and create a creature bust

Week of June 15-19
     Create a Baby Groot bust out of polymer clay, armature wire, aluminum foil, masking tape, acrylic paint.

Keep in mind, while I will demonstrate, teach and show your child how to create the specified item for the workshop that week, this will be your child's art creation. We are not using molds and therefore your child will make to the best of their ability the project I have in place that week. If you are looking for your child to make an exact replica of what I am showcasing, this is not the class for them. I plan on having classes based on molds and exact replicas of the art shown will be brought home, but these specific summer classes are solely designed for your child to be introduced to the world of clay, paint, armatures and to discover their own abilities while learning a new skill and one that they will be able to build upon and evolve with. It takes many years to master and perfect your own sculpting technique. Please keep that in mind when your child reveals their final project to you. It is possibly their first time sculpting and using any of these mediums and therefore may reflect that in their work. Everything takes time, patience and constant practicing. No one learns how to play the piano in one week and no one masters sculpting in one week either. My goal is help students have an outlet to create, learn a new art form and truly want to come back to my classes to build upon their previous classes and continue to hone in their own unique style and craft.      


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